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Dress shirts are where your formal wardrobe really begins to show some creativity.

Basically white and sky blue shirts are considered a dress shirt. But talking about wearing dress shirts in a little bit of casual environment we can wear other colors as well. If you are really want to buy this t-shirt no needs to worry simply come to and order it.  Here is a sample code:

The Darker The Color, The More Informal It Can Get.

Here are the 5 dress shirts:

  • The Classic White Shirt
  • The Sky-Blue Shirt
  • The Button-Down Shirt
  • The Striped Shirt
  • The Checkered Shirt

The Classic White Shirt:

The white dress shirt has been and will be around forever and it goes well with any combination you can put together. It may be a safe choice; it is a definite essential for any man’s wardrobe. We wear suits occasionally and the combination of the white shirt always goes best with it, so while buying this shirt make sure the shirt doesn’t have a pocket in-front and it has the wide or spread collars. It pairs best with suits and also for framing your face and creating a very fine and sleek look.


The Sky-Blue Shirt:

The second shirt that you will be advised to invest in is the sky-blue shirt, If you want to play it safe, or if you don’t think you have the skin tone for which shade of blue then there is no harm in going for a light blue shirt. The blue shirt is highly versatile when it comes to any color combination.

You can roll up the sleeves and pair it with jeans for casual wear, or you can wear it tucked-in to pants with a neutral belt and navy blazer for formal moments.

The Button-Down Shirt:

The third shirt we will suggest is to choose the button-down shirt. This timeless choice of shirt serves as a building block that works for a range of dress codes, making it one of the most versatile pieces in any wardrobe.

While buying this shirt, make sure the buttons which will hold the collar points down are of good quality because they will be very visible. The button down is considered casual usually. It’s not a good choice to wear button-down collars worn with formal suits, it is a little odd of style. You can wear it with a casual suit or blazer/odd trouser combination.


 The Stripped Shirt:

This shirt in your wardrobe allows for a bit more of your personal style to outshine, but while buying a striped shirt it is a good idea to keep light colors as base color i.e; white color and the stripes on the thinner, the wider the stripe, the less formal the shirt becomes.

The unique colors can also blend easily into the pant and it can project a regular look. It can go along with a pair of chinos or denim for a more casual vibe.


The Checkered Shirt:

The last of the absolutely essential dress shirt is a checkered shirt. It gives you yet even more possibilities to show your personal style. It is a fabulous and perfect choice for that semi-formal look.  For example; the windowpane check, even with its large scale, is a classic design that still retains its formality. Gingham check is considered the neatest check and Hounds-tooth is also considered as a classic check pattern.

If you want to wear it more casually, you should go with a button-down collar because it works well with checkered shirts. You can wear a shirt without a jacket and tie and still stand out in a formal or informal environment.


 The Black Dress Shirt:

We love the versatility of a black dress shirt. It was meant to be worn with jeans.  It is a perfect combination and one of the easiest and sleekest casual wear. It can also go best with a dark blazer; it gives a bold, clean look that you can wear to any go-to event.



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