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Faster with 5G

Most smartphone users know how fast you play with 4G if you’re not at home, but one of the mobile innovations of 2019 is the arrival of 5G. This technology will improve latency and download speed up to 10 Gb/s, something really fast. In Spain it will still be a long time to arrive, it was also going to arrive this year, but in the end we have not seen any terminal that has an antenna with these characteristics. The Samsung Galaxy S10 could be among the first, as well as the 5G version of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.


Yes, the notch will be present

Like it or not, the notch is here to stay. We’ve seen it last year on iPhone X, this year many Android mobiles have integrated it and next year will be no exception. Some firms will oppose using it as Samsung or Sony can be, but it’s only a matter of time before they do a maneuver to change their terminals and put on the display that gap that houses the front sensors.

Best integrated AI

Virtual assistants already work almost perfectly on all mobiles, but 2019 innovations will leave processors with a unique gap for them. This will improve your speed when it comes to understanding you and executing the actions you request.


Will there be 3 variants of the Samsung Galaxy S10?

yes may be or may be not. Samsung is now become world leading mobile technology manufacturer to compete its competitors. it will surely come in the market with bomb blast offers and hand sets.

More Camera More Result

Result is now become first priority in now a days. people choose mobile phone on the basis of cameras result. it also effect quality of the product. most of the people like qualitative instead of quantitative approach while select device. so qualitative covers all the aspect of technology.

Design and model

5g surely demands good design and also attractive colors to compete the users in the mobile phone technology world.

Battery Timing

Battery Timing is necessary for mobiles phone and it is demand of 5g technology to use all the services of mobile phone.

Smart Screen

Smart screen is one which have all the values of customers appreciation and feedback catching. so all the technology must borrow some time for thoughts and they must provide quality product.


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